Our Story

Mighty Miniatures was born out of a year of isolation, fear, and loneliness as we watched our world move inward with no escape during the 2020 global pandemic.

Like many others, Jaime Garcia, creator of Mighty Miniatures, struggles with anxiety and PTSD. The difficulties of 2020 left her feeling trapped, alone, and in desperate need of an escape. To cope with these all encompassing emotions, Jaime begin a felting craft that would unknowingly become a passion project. With the help of her “mighty” tribe, Natalie Karpes and Andrea Fanton, this craft quickly became a mission to uplift and support others that might be struggling too. 

Our wooly creatures are a passion with a cause... to spread love and shed light on mental health. We are proud allies of the ADAA and donate a portion of our proceeds to support their mission. 


 Thank You

From the bottom of our hearts, we hope you feel the love and help spread it through our small, wooly creatures that are tiny in stature, but mighty at heart

With LOVE,
Jaime, Andrea and Natalie