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Howdy y’all, I’m Gunner, just your average clever cowboy.
I’m buzzing with excitement to be joining my friends on this path to spreading joy!

And if you’re curious about what makes me ME, 
I thought I’d share a little bit about my story. 

I took to the cowboy life like a horse takes to grazing, with a vest on my back,
a hat on my head I’m always ready for any surprises life may bring.

Some days include long rides on bareback or tending to the cattle, 
but, alas, I have to be careful so that my wool doesn’t unravel!

Let me tell you though, the life of an outlaw gives me all the fuel, which is helpful, cus ya never know when the next brave mouse might challenge me to a duel!

Some might say I’m “all hat, no cattle,” however, 
with a heart of gold, I’d rather bring others together.